Our fleet of Light Duty Flat Bed & Wrecker Trucks are equipped with the latest and most modern equipment to handle today’s unique and more challenging towing requirements. We offer special tie-down equipment for motorcycles, removable rails for wider loads, and wheel lifts for multiple vehicle transport.

With state of the art 19 feet to 22 feet long Flatbeds, we have all the right tools to handle your domestic or import vehicle with the utmost care. Our trucks are capable of fitting in tight areas and ceilings as low as 6’6”, like underground parking garages.

With our Light Duty Trucks, we also provide dolly service. When your 4X4 or all wheel drive vehicle is in a very tight spot, where we cannot fit a Flatbed, using a dolly to tow the vehicles provides a safe, secure and gentler method of transportation.

We are approved by the City Police Services to tow vehicles out of Impound Lots.

Which Vehicles are for Light Duty Towing:

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